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La Boquita Beach in Colima

From La Boquita beach you can see the Pacific Ocean, mangroves and palm trees. It is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy an afternoon in nature.

What to do in La Boquita Beach in Colima?

La Boquita beach in Colima has two kilometers of sand, is surrounded by mountains and hills and has a natural lagoon with a cove. The beach is located between the municipalities of Santa Maria del Oro, Lagunillas and La Boquita. The place has been developed as a recreation area for its beauty, tranquility and local attractions such as:

  • La Balandra (La Goleta)
  • The Mirador de los Coros

Playa de La Boquita

This tourist attraction offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy their day surrounded by nature in one of the most popular beaches of this state. The water is clear and fresh, which makes swimming relaxing. There is a wide variety of fish in the area, including eels, turtles and crocodiles. The water can be slightly murky at times due to the numerous streams that flow into it. However, this does not affect your swimming enjoyment because it is not too salty or dirty.

Walking along the beach, you will see a natural pool formed by rocks. The water is calm enough to swim in and there are places where you can jump in. It is a good place to swim if you don’t want to be swept away by the waves, but you do want to take a refreshing dip.

Playa de La Boquita en Colima

If you follow the path through this cove, there are many small beaches full of rocks that have been smoothed by thousands of years of being slammed against each other by waves and storms. Many people come here to relax on hot days and enjoy swimming or snorkeling in these natural pools formed by rocks that fit together perfectly like pieces of a puzzle over time by erosion caused by wind and ocean currents during storms or by large earthquakes that cause landslides further out in this area near the city of Colima, which causes more sedimentation downstream, so that eventually, although it is no longer visible, it reaches all corners, including La Boquita beach.

Mangroves are found in tropical and subtropical regions. They are the habitat of many species of birds and fish. Mangroves provide protection from storm surges. They are important for coastal protection, as they act as a natural barrier against flooding caused by high tides.

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