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Bacalar Beach in Chiapas

Chiapas is one of the most fascinating states in Mexico. With its Mayan roots, it has a culture all its own, and there are many interesting places to visit. Bacalar is one of them; it is a small town on the shores of the beautiful Laguna de Términos. Not only is it a great place to visit; it is also an amazing place to vacation in general. If you are looking for something new, fun, different and exciting to do with your family or friends.

Playa de Bacalar

What to do in Bacalar Beach in Chiapas?

At Bacalar Beach in Chiapas you can do the following activities:

  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Sailing
  • Scuba diving (with a diving school)
  • Hiking
  • Canoeing and kayaking

Bacalar is a small town in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. It is known for its beautiful beaches and waterfalls, as well as its traditional Mayan culture, which you can experience at the town market every Sunday. Bacalar is one of Mexico’s best kept secrets. But don’t let that stop you from visiting.

Playa Bacalar

The best time to visit is between December and April. This is when temperatures are milder and it rains less, and you can enjoy the beach in comfort. High season runs from June to August, so if you don’t mind the crowds, this may be your time. Avoid visiting during Easter Week (March or April), as many stores will be closed during that period. Likewise, avoid visiting during Holy Week.

Bacalar is a beautiful place to visit with plenty to do. The town itself is well kept and has many interesting things to see, but the surrounding area offers even more opportunities for adventure. You can go snorkeling, swimming, fishing and much more. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation full of fun activities, Bacalar is the perfect place for you!

The Weather at Bacalar Beach in Chiapas

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