🏖The Best Beaches, Coves, and Coasts of IndonesiaPantai Semeti: The Hidden Treasure of Lombok

Pantai Semeti: The Hidden Treasure of Lombok

Are you ready to discover one of Lombok’s best-kept secrets? Welcome to Pantai Semeti! This tranquil corner of Indonesia will surprise you with its pristine beauty and serenity. Let’s explore everything this beach has to offer.

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Unforgettable Activities at Pantai Semeti

At Pantai Semeti, every day is a new adventure. Discover the most exciting activities you can enjoy here.

Activity Recommended Number of People Approximate Price Location
Surfing at Pantai Semeti 1+ $10 – $20 USD per board rental Pantai Semeti
Horseback Riding 1+ $30 – $60 USD per person Pantai Semeti
Sunset Photography 1+ Free Pantai Semeti

Accommodation Near Pantai Semeti

From simple cabins to luxurious resorts, here are some accommodation options near Pantai Semeti.

Hotel Star Rating Approximate Price Location Main Amenities
Novotel Lombok Resort and Villas 4 $100 – $200 USD Kuta, Lombok Pool, restaurant, free Wi-Fi
Harmony Villas 3 $50 – $100 USD Kuta, Lombok Free Wi-Fi, pool
Lombok Astoria Hotel 3 $30 – $60 USD Mataram, Lombok Free Wi-Fi, restaurant

Where to Eat Near Pantai Semeti

Local cuisine is an essential part of any trip to Indonesia. Discover where to eat near Pantai Semeti.

Restaurant Cuisine Type Approximate Price Location Signature Dishes
El Bazar Café and Restaurant Mediterranean $5 – $10 USD Kuta, Lombok Tajine, falafel
Warung Bule Indonesian $3 – $5 USD Kuta, Lombok Nasi goreng, satay
Kenza Café International $5 – $10 USD Kuta, Lombok Avocado toast, smoothie bowls

The Climate at Pantai Semeti

Pantai Semeti enjoys a tropical climate with an average temperature of 28°C (82°F) throughout the year. The humidity is high, around 80%. The best time to visit is during the dry season, from May to September, when rainfall is less frequent.

Location and How to Get to Pantai Semeti

Pantai Semeti is located in Lombok, Indonesia. You can reach it by car from Kuta, Lombok, a journey that takes approximately 30 minutes. Local taxis usually cost around $10 – $20 USD. Remember to bring sunscreen and an adequate amount of water, as the heat can be intense during the day.