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Periquillo Beach in Cayo Santa Maria

Periquillo beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Cayo Santa Maria in Cuba, as well as one of the most unspoiled in the area. It is located east of Cayo Santa Maria and is surrounded by huge palm trees and tropical vegetation.

Playa Periquillo Cayo Santa María

The waters of the beach are of a spectacular turquoise color and the sand is white and fine. In addition, the water is warm almost all year round, just like the warm Cuban climate. It is a paradisiacal beach with an ideal environment to relax and enjoy.

This beach is a perfect place for those who wish to enjoy the island’s marine life, since its coral reefs will delight anyone who dives or snorkels.

What to do in Periquillo Beach in Cayo Santa Maria?

If you are wondering what to do in Periquillo beach the answer is very simple, if you visit this beach you have to dive or snorkel because it has a seabed full of corals with a breathtaking view. You can also find historical shipwrecks, which makes this destination even more interesting. Another reason is that under the bottom of the sea there are numerous species of Caribbean fish.
Other options when entertaining at Periquillo beach are to take a quiet walk, observe the views, have a picnic, or practice sports in contact with nature.

Remember that this is a virgin beach, so there is not much infrastructure or services on the beach, so it is advisable that you go well equipped.

The Weather in Periquillo Beach

Below, you can see the current weather at Periquillo Beach in Cuba:

Where It Is and How to Get to Periquillo Beach

Periquillo Beach is located in Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba. It is about 65 kilometers north of the city of Santa Clara. Playa Periquillo can be reached by car, cab or public transportation. If you are traveling by car, take the central highway from Santa Clara to the north and follow the sign for Cayo Santa María. Once on the key, follow the road east for approximately 5 kilometers to reach Playa Periquillo. There are also regular cab and public transportation services from Santa Clara and other nearby places to get to Playa Periquillo.

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