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Havana’s Eastern Beaches

Havana’s Eastern Beaches are a true paradise. They are located between the provinces of Havana and Matanzas and offer breathtaking views of Havana Bay. These beaches are very popular among tourists and residents for their white-colored sand, crystal-clear waters, bright sunshine and an abundance of water activities. These are easily accessible beaches that have all the necessary amenities for a great day out with friends, as a couple or as a family. They are even ideal for traveling alone and making new friends or just enjoying the good atmosphere. Because of this, they are very popular beaches among Cubans living in Havana.

Boca Ciega Beach

Boca Ciega Beach is a white sand beach located in the eastern part of Havana City, approximately 40 minutes away. It is surrounded by beautiful mangroves and is very popular, especially among locals. It offers a variety of water activities, including snorkeling, free diving, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing and fishing. It is well connected by public transportation and there are several restaurants nearby.

Playa de Boca Ciega

Guanabo Beach

Guanabo Beach is located about 30 km east of downtown Havana. This white sand beach with a deep section is very popular among tourists for its excellent variety of water activities. Like the rest of the beaches, it offers nearby services such as food in a good restaurant and stores to hang out in.

Playa de Guanabo

Santa Maria del Mar Beach

Santa María del Mar Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the eastern coast of Havana. It is more than 9 kilometers long and is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes. On the beach you can find several bars and restaurants where you can enjoy drinks and fresh food while enjoying the sun and the sea. There are also umbrellas and hammocks for rent for those who wish to rest under the shade. This white sand beach offers a great variety of activities, both aquatic (diving, canoeing…) and terrestrial. It has several hotels and apartments nearby to stay. In addition, it is very well connected by public transportation. It is an excellent option for those who are looking for a beautiful beach, close to Havana and with all the necessary amenities to spend a relaxing and fun day.

Playa de Santa María del Mar

El Mégano Beach

El Mégano Beach is located about 40 km east of Havana. This beautiful white sand beach has a rock formation at its eastern end. It is an ideal place for diving, kayaking and windsurfing. It offers a unique landscape and is surrounded by several restaurants and bars. It is surrounded by green hills and mountains, which gives it an air of privacy and tranquility. It is also one of the widest beaches in the area, so you will find plenty of space to set up your umbrella and relax on the beach.

Playa El Megano

Bacuranao Beach

Bacuranao Beach is located approximately 12 kilometers from downtown Havana and is an attractive option for tourists who decide to visit the Caribbean island. It is surrounded by vegetation, which gives it views that usually enchant visitors. The water of the beach, like the rest of the beaches in this area, is warm all year round. It also has umbrella, hammock and restroom rental services.

Playa Bacuranao La Habana

Tropico Beach

Tropico Beach is a popular beach located on the coast of Havana. It is a fairly large and spacious beach with a length of approximately one kilometer. It is also a favorite destination for both Cuban and foreign tourists. It is a beach that has a turquoise sea, white sandy shores, palm trees, cabanas for rent, an excellent beach bar and many quiet activities, such as swimming, snorkeling and boat rides. Its shallow waters make it ideal for swimming and water sports. It is important to note that although the beach is not very crowded, in high season there may be a greater number of tourists.

Playa Tropico La Habana

Jibacoa Beach

Jibacoa Beach in Havana is a white sand beach that offers different activities, such as swimming and water sports. The beach is also famous for its cliffs and beautiful sunsets. It is surrounded by a tropical jungle and has interesting lodging options nearby. The beach and its surroundings are also a famous diving area, with numerous coral reefs and a great variety of fish.

How to get from Havana to Playas del Este?

The best way to get to the Eastern Beaches from Havana is by private car. The trip from Havana to the Eastern Beaches takes approximately 35 minutes. There are also bus options departing from the Havana bus terminal.

What to see and do in the Eastern Beaches?

Havana’s eastern beaches offer many fun things to do. You can enjoy outdoor activities, or just have a cocktail lying on the sand. Another thing to take advantage of is the magnificent ocean views, which can be enjoyed from the many lookout points in the area – a wonderful experience! In addition, there is a variety of local dishes and Cuban cuisine to explore, with excellent seafood restaurants, as well as unique beach facilities.

The eastern beaches also offer numerous nightly acts, such as cabaret shows, live music and dance discos. If you want a fun, relaxing and cultural vacation, Havana’s eastern beaches are the perfect place to relax and have a good time.

The Weather in the Eastern Beaches

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Map of Eastern Beaches

In the following Map of Havana’s Eastern Beaches you can locate all of them and see which ones are closer to Havana in order: