🏖The best beaches, coves, and coasts of BelgiumSint-Idesbald Beach: The Complete Guide to an Unforgettable Vacation in Belgium.

Sint-Idesbald Beach: The Complete Guide to an Unforgettable Vacation in Belgium.

Sint-Idesbald Beach is a peaceful and picturesque destination on the Belgian coast, ideal for those seeking to relax and enjoy nature in a less crowded environment than other beaches in the region. Its extensive sandy beaches and wonderful dunes offer a serene and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy with family, as a couple or with friends.

Playa de Sint-Idesbald

What to do in Sint-Idesbald Beach?

In Wenduine, visitors can enjoy various activities. Princess Astrid Park offers a perfect environment for walking or picnicking and is free. Animal lovers can visit Sea Life Blankenberge, with tickets at €22 per adult and €19 per child. There, they can learn about marine life and watch animal shows.

Activity Recommended number of people Approximate price Location
Hike in the dunes 1-10 Free Playa de Sint-Idesbald
Pedal go-kart rental 1-4 10-15 € per hour Playa de Sint-Idesbald
Visit to the Paul Delvaux Museum 1-10 10 € per person Sint-Idesbald
Bike ride along the coast 1-10 10-15 € per person (rental) Playa de Sint-Idesbald

Hotels and apartments near Sint-Idesbald Beach

In Wenduine, there are different accommodation options. The 3-star Hotel Les Dunes offers rooms from €90 per night and includes Wi-Fi, breakfast, and parking. The Hotel Callista, also a 3-star hotel, has rooms from €85 per night with Wi-Fi and breakfast included. For a more independent option, De Rietgors apartments offer accommodation with a kitchen, Wi-Fi, and terrace starting at €110 per night.

Hotel/Apartamento Estrellas Precio aproximado Ubicación Servicios principales
Hotel Soll Cress 3 100 € por noche Cerca de la playa Wi-Fi, piscina, desayuno incluido
Hotel Carnac 3 80 € por noche Sint-Idesbald Bar, Wi-Fi, desayuno incluido
Apartment Dunepanne 120 € por noche Playa de Sint-Idesbald Cocina, terraza, Wi-Fi

Nearby places of interest to Sint-Idesbald Beach

There are several places of interest near Sint-Idesbald Beach that are worth visiting during your stay:

The dunes of Sint-Idesbald: A beautiful natural landscape that offers a unique hiking experience and connection with nature.

The Paul Delvaux Museum: A fascinating museum dedicated to the famous Belgian painter Paul Delvaux, where you can admire his works and learn about his life and career.

The Westhoek Natural Park: An extensive natural park located a short drive from Sint-Idesbald, perfect for nature lovers and outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling.
Plopsaland De Panne: A theme park for the whole family, located just a few minutes’ drive from Sint-Idesbald, with thrilling attractions and live shows.

Where to eat in Sint-Idesbald Beach?

Wenduine Beach offers a variety of restaurants to suit different tastes and budgets. Brasserie de Zeester is known for its Belgian food and seafood, with prices ranging from €20 to €40 per person and standout dishes like mussels and shrimp croquettes. Another option is Eethuis Poco Loco, which offers Italian food and dishes such as pizza and pasta, with prices ranging from €15 to €30 per person.

Restaurante Tipo de comida Precio aproximado Ubicación Mejores platos
De Kursaal Mariscos 25-45 € por persona Sint-Idesbald Pescado fresco, paella
La Coupole Belga 20-40 € por persona Sint-Idesbald Estofado flamenco, croquetas de camarones
Pizzeria Pomodoro Italiana 15-30 € por persona Sint-Idesbald Pizza, pasta

The weather in Sint-Idesbald Beach

Sint-Idesbald Beach enjoys an oceanic climate, with mild summers and cool winters. Average temperatures in summer range between 17 and 22 °C, while in winter they vary between 2 and 6 °C. Humidity is moderate to high, and rainfall is common throughout the year. The best time to visit Sint-Idesbald Beach is during the summer months, from June to September, when temperatures are warmer and weather conditions are more favorable for enjoying the beach and outdoor activities.


Where is Sint-Idesbald beach and how to get there?

Sint-Idesbald beach is located on the Belgian coast, about 5 km south of Koksijde and 25 km northwest of Bruges. There are several ways to get to Sint-Idesbald:

By car: If you’re traveling from Brussels, take the E40 towards Bruges and then follow the N34 towards Sint-Idesbald. The journey takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

By train: The nearest train station is Koksijde, which is well-connected to other Belgian cities such as Brussels and Bruges. From Koksijde station, you can take a bus or a taxi to Sint-Idesbald.

By bus: Several bus companies offer services from Belgian cities such as Brussels and Bruges to Sint-Idesbald.